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Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade



"Perspectives" is the leading publication in the field of development investments written and published by responAbility investments AG, one of the world's leading asset managers in the field of development investments. The publication  provides a detailed look into the world of investments that seek to drive economic development and thereby promote prosperity.

The following is an excerpt from an IDB Newsletter. To access the full publication at its source, visit the IDB here.

The Inter-American Development Bank launched by the end of June "A Rising $750 Billion Market: Unlocking Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid in Latin America and the Caribbean", a revealing study with new data, market intelligence and statistics about the market and population a the base of the pyramid in the region.

This month Working Capital for Community Needs has released its Annual Report for 2014, detailing developments in their activities and projects in microfinance and fair trade production, the challenges they faced in the past year, and the opportunities they are exploring in the future. This report marks WCCN's 30th year as an organization since their beginning in 1984 and so it is a special look into how far they have come since their beginning!