FAST provides an opportunity for members to:

  • Develop partnerships and shared approaches for the delivery of finance
  • Access common tools for mitigating risk and measuring impact
  • Access statistics on sustainable agricultural markets and financing trends
  • Identify and promote best practice in lending
  • Promote public and private investment in sustainable finance

The Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST) is an international, non-profit association located in Montreal, Canada. FAST promotes the growth of sustainable production and trade by increasing the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in developing nations who are able to successfully access quality finance.

FAST facilitates efficiency, transparency, and stability in financial markets for sustainable SMEs. By partnering with our members and other stakeholders, we use our tools, services and project models to help our partners implement their SME finance goals.

FAST members include socially oriented financial institutions, non-governmental development-focused organizations, certification bodies, export agencies, and producers and their cooperatives. FAST lenders include social investors, non-profit lending institutions, ethical banks, commercial banks, foundations, and public and multilateral banks.

Our members unite in the common goal of promoting sustainable economic development by increasing access to financial markets and encouraging the growth of sustainable SMEs in emerging economies.