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Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade



The International Executive Service Corps (IESC), has been operating as an OPIC Loan Originator for 10 years now. Recently, they have decided to expand their efforts in assisting high-potential SMEs in developing countries to access needed finance. To do this, they need someone to help in managing their current and growing portfolio of potential investee SMEs.

Over the past decade, impact investment has grown from serving a niche market for social investors to recognition as a distinct asset class for mainstream finance. Global leaders now recognize the importance of impact investment in bringing about a transition to sustainable economic development. As the sector grows, investors and other stakeholders are seeking the actual results associated with impact investing, making impact measurement a growing priority.

FAST, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, is laying the groundwork for its second Tanzanian FAST Financial Fair (FFF) for agricultural SMEs and Financial Service Providers. The precursor to this event was a financial literacy training workshop, held for 20 agricultural SMEs which greatly contribued to the strength financial management knowledge of the participants.