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Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade



The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has recently publicized their collaborative discussion paper  "Risk and Finance in the Coffee Sector: A Compendium of Case Studies Related to Improving Risk Management and Access to Finance in the Coffee Sector". This report was launched on March 2nd, 2015 , at the 114th session of the International Coffee Council in London. The study is the outcome of a collaborative work between the World Bank's Agricultural Risk Management Team and ICO.

The Agrifin Forum 2015 is a 4-day event, this year named "Lending to Agribusiness: Financing Agricultural Value Chains", which examines the opportunities for banks to use agricultural value chains to facilitate and expand lending to agriculture in a profitable and secure manner.

Over the past decade, impact investment has grown from serving a niche market for social investors to recognition as a distinct asset class for mainstream finance. Global leaders now recognize the importance of impact investment in bringing about a transition to sustainable economic development. As the sector grows, investors and other stakeholders are seeking the actual results associated with impact investing, making impact measurement a growing priority.