October 25, 2016

Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA)

The annual Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA) brings together a range of participants in the agricultural sector to deliberate on the sector’s development, and to develop related proposals and strategies. 

The FAST-led panel at the CTA/CaFAN workshop highlighted the need for building capacity in credit-readiness for agri-SMEs and financial institutions adapting their services to the sector.


FAST sees great potential in initiatives that are providing Caribbean agri-SMEs with a comprehensive framework of support, including improvements in production, marketing, and business development. Enterprises that can make gains in their credit-readiness will have a greater chance of being attractive to financial institutions, and attaining the finance necessary for the further development of their operations.

International financial institutions expressed their interest in expanding in the Caribbean, and it will be necessary to work with regional financial service providers so that they can adapt their products and services to the reality and needs of agricultural producers.

FAST is ideally situated to provide an effective touch point between the demand and supply of financing.