October 01, 2012

FAST and The Amazon Alternative Host Investors Seminar and SME Finance Workshop in Peru

October 1st, 2012 - The Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST) and The Amazon Alternative (TAA) recently hosted the "Financing Sustainable Forestry" investor's seminar and the "Working with Sustainable SMEs to Obtain Financing" workshop in Lima, Peru on September 12, 2012.

The "Financing Sustainable Forestry" investor's seminar, was organized to engage representatives from financial institutions that serve Latin America and have an interest in pursuing opportunities to finance sustainable forestry in Peru and the region.

Participants were given an introduction to the FAST Financial Fairs process and the FAST Forestry Finance Strategy developed by FAST and TAA. Manuel López, Project Manager of SNV and Alejandro Morales, FAST Financial Analyst, provided participants with strategic insight into the forestry industry in Peru. Jeroen Ex, Peru Coordinator of The Amazon Alternative introduced investors to strategies that have been developed in Latin America to overcome bottlenecks in financing sustainable forestry. The seminar also addressed the importance that certification plays in managing risk and increasing the return on investment from the sector.

Financial institutions in attendance included: Alide, Asesorandes, BanBif, Banco Financiero, Cofide, Fovida, MiBanco, Oikocredit, ResponsAbility and even Agrobanco whom FAST was able to hold a meeting with.

The second event, "Working with Sustainable SMEs to Obtain Financing" workshop brought together representatives from local and international organizations including government, certification agencies and organizations involved in developing sustainable agricultural initiatives.

Information was provided on strategies and mechanisms that can be used to advise small and medium enterprises (SME) on how to obtain financing. Specific methods for filing requirements and tools used to request finance were shared. The workshop addressed methods used for the sustainable coffee, cocoa, quinoa, forestry and other sectors. Alejandro Morales, FAST Financial Specialist, facilitated the workshop.

The workshop brought representatives from; Ministry of Agriculture, SNV, CAF, WWF, IICA, CPM, Promuc, ForoLac, Agrobanco, Perhusa, Asesorandes, Peru Bosques, and Partenaire.

Both events were organized as part of the FAST Forest Finance Strategy, which is a three year initiative that aims to promote sustainable finance for the Amazon forest in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. The FAST Forestry Financial Fairs are a central part of the strategy, and provide a forum for financial institutions and producer organizations to meet and discuss concrete opportunities for financing. To date, more than $ 22,000,000 USD in loans has been disbursed to sustainable producers including two loans in Forestry, a direct result of the Fairs.


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