October 24, 2017

Finance for the Future Awards 2017

          FAST has received the highly commended award for Public and Not-For Profit Sectors at the Finance for the Future Awards 2017 on October 12th. Mr. Jose Sette, the Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization, represented FAST at the awards ceremony. The award highlights good business practices internationally by recognizing the roles which the finance function within organizations, and the wider finance community, play in helping to build resilient organizations through embedding environmental and broader social issues into their decision making. The rigorous nature of the assessment process (including site visits to entrants’ organizations) and the seniority and expertise of the judging panel seal the credibility of Finance for the Future Awards and set them apart from other award programs.

          The 2017 Judging Panel is composed of senior representatives of the partners’ organizations, past winners and experts in their field. FAST, according to Finance for the Future, has demonstrated great ability to achieve long-term financial performance while operating within environmental constraints and/or generating positive value for society. Furthermore, FAST identified a need in the changing marketplace and demonstrated ingenuity by altering their business model to suit, which included the development of a new online tool, AXiiS. Working with carefully chosen strategic partners, AXiiS has had a large impact to date and has the clear potential to be scaled up. FAST is honored to receive the award, and is working harder than ever to achieve a more sustainable trade environment.


Some words from Mr. Jose Sette: "As someone who is not a specialist in the area, what most struck me is how relevant finance and accounting are to sustainability and how seriously sustainability is taken by professionals who work in this field. A priori, one associates sustainability much more with environmental and social concerns, but finance is an integral part of achieving the ambitious goal of a sustainable world. FAST must be congratulated for being recognised among some very tough competition. Personally, I expected a rather dry evening, but was pleasantly surprised by the participants and had some interesting chats during dinner."