January 25, 2017

International Forum a WUSC and CECI Event.

Montreal, QC.- Our project Manager Aïnina Aïdara, participated on the sixth annual International Forum.

This year, the International Forum brought together a range of international development specialists. In 2017, the Forum’s main topic of discussion target on how to reach the tipping point on how to cultivate a brighter future. 

In his presentation Aïnina, lay emphasis on how it is possible for small and medium enterprises in agriculture and forestry sectors access finance through strategic investments that also create impact socially and environmentally. He showcased FAST’s contribution in the impact investing field and presented FAST newest program, an innovative online matchmaking platform named AXiiS (Access and eXchange for impact investment and Sustainability).

Through innovative training, data analytics and matchmaking services, FAST is contributing to narrow the financial gap between sustainable SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and financial service providers, making impact investment possible in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Aïnina, shared the IMPACT INVESTING AND SOCIAL FINANCE panel with:

  • Thijs Mathot, Founder and CEO of Brighter Investment
  • Moderator: Ainsley Butler, Program Director, Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
  • Special Guest: Jim Delaney, WUSC