January 13, 2015

Kleinhans Fellowship for Community Forestry Research

Application Deadline February 28, 2015

FAST would like to introduce member Rainforest Alliance launch of its new Kleinhans Fellowship for Community Forestry Research. This fellowship awards $20,000/year for two years for graduate- or postdoc-level research that seeks solutions to challenges faced by the community forestry model. The Rainforest Alliance welcomes applications for research that addresses one of the following four themes:

· Markets for the lesser-known species and non-timber forest products that community forest enterprises (CFEs) produce;
· The feasibility of implementing biodiversity management practices at the CFE level;
· Innovative, replicable solutions to problems CFEs face in social organization and governance; or
· Creating more effective multi-community enterprises.

Please see http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/fellowships for application guidelines, the fellowship's geographic scope, and more details on the above themes. The fellowship period begins September 1, 2015. Inquiries should be sent to kleinhans@ra.org.