September 19, 2017

FAST International at the UN’s 44 th Committee on World Food Security plenary meeting

FAST International, in collaboration with Inga Foundation, Sustainable Harvest International, and FuturaGen is organizing a side-event at the UN CFS 44 plenary meeting which will take place this October 9-13th in Rome. The side-event title is “Agroforestry practices hold the key to food security and resiliencies”. It will present an overview of agroforestry projects systems that provide sustainable models for the forestry sectors to sustainably increase crop production, improve nutrition and mitigate climate change, while also being resilient to its impacts.

Francesca Nugnes, Financial Markets and Information Manager, will be representing FAST International at the event in Rome. She leads project on measurement of the social, economic, and environmental impact of investments in sustainable forest SMEs. She has also developed investment guides related to sustainable forestry and agriculture, some of which will be promoted at this side-event, including the recently published sweet potato investment guide for the CARIFORUM region, and the agriculture guide in Tanzania.

FAST’s investment guides are tailored to meet the information needs of financial institutions and investors as they navigate the dynamic agricultural SME finance sector. They illuminate investment opportunities in key agricultural sectors around the world to increase capital flow to sustainable producers and demonstrate the commercial viability of the SME to attract new investors and catalyze growth.

For more information on the UN CFS 44, visit the website.