We build the financial literacy of sustainable SMEs to improve livelihoods throughout the developing world.

A major barrier to SMEs in the developing world is a generally inadequate level of financial literacy. Poor planning, underestimating market volatility, and inadequate accounting can all result directly in financial losses for many SMEs.

Facing these potential difficulties also severely restrict producers' ability to access capital from cautious, risk-averse lenders. These same lenders require solid financial information with which to make a decision on investing capital; information that these businesses lack the financial literacy to provide.

We believe that capacity building is as important for the financial sector as it is for SMEs themselves. Although it is clear that many SMEs in the developing world need technical assistance to become bankable, many financial institutions around the world are unaware of the opportunities presented by SME finance, especially in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Tools & Training

  Training Toolbox, SME Training and Coaching

The Financial Literacy Training Toolbox is a training course and manual designed to improve the business and financial literacy skills of agricultural SMEs. SMEs who are trained and coached using the Toolbox gain knowledge of business and financial practices, are better able to engage with financial institutions, and are more likely to successfully secure financial capital to support their business growth and development.

  Executive Training

Many executives lack a true understanding of sustainable agricultural and forestry markets, as well as the specific financial needs of the SMEs operating within these markets. We train international and local financial institutions, bringing them insights on the finance needs of specific SMEs in a particular region and/or agricultural sector.  We illuminate opportunities for investment and share strategies on how to create meaningful and long-lasting economic and environmental impacts.

  Financial Advisor Training

Our financial advisors bring business and financial management training to both SMEs and Executives. They are trained to use the FAST Financial Literacy Toolbox to improve the business and financial literacy skills of SMEs in their locale and support the loan application process. Our advisors are equipped to help SMEs improve credit applications and link applications to financial institutions.
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Training Results


Customized Training Solutions

We work on a case by case basis with partners to determine their interests in developing customized training solutions. Our training tools are adaptable on a national, regional and can be tailored to suit specific agricultural and forestry sectors. With nearly 100 FAST local financial advisors worldwide, we bring training solutions tailored to you that live on over the long-term.

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